Want milk? We have it!

When Ted Schaefer III was deciding what company to get milk from, he went to visit some dairies to find one that stood out from the others. When the discussion about how milk is processed came up, he was told that some companies buy raw milk to get the butterfat and milk was just a side line.
He found that Schroeder's buys milk from specific farms and processes the milk in days instead of buying it on the open market. This process allows them to cook the milk less to get the bacteria out of the raw milk. Keeping the temperature lower and shortening the processing time keeps flavor in the finished milk.

Schroeder's is one of the highest quality milks. Schroeder's gourmet line of butter, sour cream, and heavy whipping cream are used by the finest restaurants. In fact, when the rest of the store was purchasing other brands, Mary, in the Deli, insisted on the Schroeder's gourmet heavy whipping cream for her soups and other recipes.

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